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Teaching & Learning

Lower School

Stone Bay Lower School Curriculum statement 

In the Lower School at Stone Bay we group our pupils into  

Reception class 

Key Stage 1 classes 
(years 1 and 2) 

Key Stage 2 classes 
(years 3-6)

Whilst we take pupils’ age into account, how children are placed is flexible and depends on individual needs and abilities.

At Stone Bay school we aim to provide a highly differentiated curriculum within a safe, secure, stimulating environment. Our curriculum enables the children to learn and develop skills, attitudes and understanding across all areas of development:

  • Personal, Emotional and Social Development (PSED)  
  • Communication and Language (CL)  
  • Physical development (PD)
  • Mathematics 
  • Literacy  
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Art and Design

Throughout the Lower School we plan activities, learning experiences and opportunities to work towards Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum K (Kent) Levels.  Teaching and learning will take place within the classroom as well as outside. 

Children will access these activities with adult support when necessary but always working towards being as independent as possible. 

All pupils will have opportunities for child-led learning through periods of ‘free flow’ or continuous provision. 

Developing CommunicationInteraction and Engagement is embedded into everything we do. 

Pupil progress towards both, individual EHCP and Curriculum outcomes, is monitored and assessed through our assessment systems 


(Kent Levels)

The importance of play

We believe that play, both indoors and outdoors, is the fundamental way in which our children learn. 

Through play, children will develop skills across all the Prime and Specific areas of learning. In a secure environment with effective adult support, children will be supported to: 

  • Make sense of the world through exploration and investigation
  • Practise and build up concepts, ideas and skills
  • Learn how to control impulses and (begin to) understand the need for rules
  • Be alone, be alongside others and co-operate with others
  • Take risks and make mistakes
  • Develop creativity and imagination 
  • Communicate with others  
  • Begin to problem solve
  • Develop their independence

Adults will support play by:  

  • Planning and resourcing a stimulating environment 
  • Modelling play 
  • Extending children’s spontaneous play
  • Extending and developing children’s language and communication within their play
  • Listening to all forms of children’s communication and their ideas and take these into account in their planning
  • Narrating children’s play and asking questions about it 

We acknowledge that our children do benefit from sensory play and messy play and our classrooms are full of creativity and fun!

Our Curriculum Topics

Our children are at the very beginning of subject based learning and we teach curriculum content through topics. Topics have been developed collaboratively to ensure they cover programmes of study identified by staff as being meaningful and relevant, offering a balance of access and challenge, as we work to meet the pupils’ individual learning needs. This ensures we get the curriculum offer just right for them.   






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