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My Social Emotional Wellbeing

In this curriculum area, pupils will learn about their identity and their place in the world. They will explore what makes them unique and work to develop a strong sense of self. Pupils will engage in a rich variety of experiences to help them develop confidence and self-esteem. 

Within the curriculum area of My Social Emotional Well-being there are three strands:

My Identity
Pupils will develop their ability to communicate their interests, what is important to them and what makes them unique. They will learn about family and friends and work towards developing their own unique identity.
This will provide a vital foundation to the personal development of our young people in preparing them for adult life.
My Feelings and Emotions
Pupils will grow their understanding for their own feelings and how to communicate these. They will learn strategies to help them make positive choices, for example using the Zones of Regulation. Over time pupils will develop an understanding for safe people and relationships and experience what good mental health means to them. 
My Social Skills
Every one of our pupils deserves a unique personal pathway that will help them achieve their full potential, developing happy, healthy, safe relationships and live a fulfilling life.  Our pupils will work towards becoming as independent as possible in their interactions with others.  They will practice sharing, turn taking, negotiating and making a positive contribution to their community.  
Pupils will continuously work on a positive attitude and showing respect and tolerance towards others.


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