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School Development


Excellent Quality of Education

EQoEL5. The work given enables pupils to achieve the aims and ambition of the curriculum, which is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge.

EQoEL7. Good evidence towards the pupils PLI's is tracked effectively and consistently by all teachers & TAs using Evidence Me

EQoEL9. The school’s curriculum intent and implementation are embedded securely and consistently across all classes. It is evident from what teachers do that they have a firm and common understanding of the school’s curriculum intent and what it means for their practice.

EQoEL10. Pupils develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and, as a result, achieve well. This is reflected in the work that pupils produce and the personalised progress they make against their PLIs.

EQoEL11. A rigorous and sequential approach to the reading curriculum develops pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading. At all stages, reading attainment is assessed and gaps are addressed quickly and effectively for all pupils. Reading books connect closely to  phonics knowledge.

EQoEU7. The work that teachers give to students is demanding. It ensures that students build knowledge and acquire skills, improving and extending what they already know and can do.

EQoEU8. Students develop an age-appropriate / SEND cognitive level understanding of healthy relationships through appropriate personalised relationship and sex education teaching resulting in pupils making good progress in RSE.

Quality of Care, Health and Safeguarding    

QoCH&S8. Launch successfully the SBS curriculum within Residential, ensure that we have a clear planned events that are understood by students e.g. visuals choices of activities for pupils

QoCH&S5. Develop care staff understanding of the pupils termly personalised learning intentions and how they evidence progress using Evidence Me software thus further embedding our 24 hour curriculum

QoCH&S9. Develop all residential areas to be Autism and Communication friendly environment (EP, OT, SaLT & AET approaches)

QoCH&S10. Launch Evolve Online recording for residential, ensuring all who go out for trips and visits are logged on the system and appropriate approval and risk assessments are in place

Personal Development of Pupils

PD3. Pupil rights will be respected to a high standard, the school will achieve Gold RRSA

PD6. Support staff are highly effective in helping learners of all ages to be able to recognise and mitigate risks from all forms of bullying, radicalisation and the misuse of technology

PD7. Pupils can explain how to keep themselves healthy and understand about making healthy choices, e.g. eating, fitness and their emotional and mental well-being. They have an age-appropriate / SEND cognition level understanding of healthy relationships and are confident in staying safe from abuse and exploitation.

PD8. The school provides a rich and well planned range of curricular and extra curricular opportunities to allow pupils to practise resilience, independence and grow in character. Pupils are supported to get maximum impact from these experiences

PD12. Educational Trips and Visits- Evolve is effectively launched and implemented across the school ensuring all pupil trips are risk assessed, approved and recorded online.

PD13. Robust whole school implementation of the action plan for Healthy Schools Award resulting in improved health and well being for pupils and staff compared to 2023

PD14. Staff training ensures we have a strong and highly skilled workforce that specialises in Autism

Business Efficiency & Premises

BEP3. Recruitment is managed well by the administrative team ensuring that staffing levels are high and agency staff are no longer needed, a Stone Bay

BEP6. Onboarding and the induction process is managed effectively by the admin team ensuring all staff are safe, competent and understand Stone Bay vision, values, SDP and statutory policies.

BEP7. H&S compliance is well monitored and evidenced via Every compliance

BEP15. A well planned calendar of job specific training is delivered resulting in a culture of growth mindset, ambition and excellence

BEP16. Staff wellbeing is very good across the school

BEP18. Business services including photocopying, water, gas and electricity and ongoing contract costs are kept as low as possible with a whole school approach to efficiency, whilst ensuring that the school is kept at a reasonable temperature

BEP19. Opportunities are created to raise funds for the school (events, lettings etc)           



Download a copy of our School Development Plan here (pdf)


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