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Teaching & Learning

Sixth Form

Stone Bay School Sixth Form

The majority of students progressing from Key Stage 4 or transferring from other schools into our Sixth Form, remain with us for three years – Year 12 to 14. Although the majority of our students do not undertake formal qualifications we follow the DFE 16-19 guidance on Core aims of Study. Our students are given opportunities to continue developing their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills within the school environment and in the community.

All students within the Sixth Form work towards achieving certification via the AQA Unit Award Scheme in a range of chosen areas of study linked to promoting their independence skills. This is a QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Agency) approved certification, students work on personalised programmes and can achieve Awards, from entry level to entry level 2. In addition to AQA, students undertake modules in the ASDAN “Towards Independence” programmes . These programmes provide a connection between their academic skills and the life and independence skills so vital to their future.

Sixth Form students are based in small tutor groups for lessons. They integrate with other students throughout the school week for assembly, the lunchtime Enrichment Curriculum and work awareness programmes. These activities provide our senior students with further opportunities to develop their social and communication skills.

Programmes of study undertaken within the Sixth Form may vary each year, depending on the needs of the students. However, the following list will give a brief insight into some of the activities undertaken:

  • Literacy (including Communication and Makaton signing)
  • Numeracy
  • Computing (Information and Communication Technology – embedded into specific Programmes of Study )
  • PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education – including Sex and Relationship Programmes and Personal Safety)
  • Independent Living Skills (including Meal Preparation [shopping ,budgeting, basic kitchen skills] and household management)
  • Independent Travel (road crossing and safety, use of public transport)
  • Sport
  • Workshop Skills
  • Horticulture
  • Work Awareness/Work Experience
  • Link courses at East Kent College
  • Arts Award
  • Books Beyond Words
  • Business Enterprise

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