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This area of the curriculum is focussed on giving our students relevant skills to be independent and successful in their adult lives. Our students will learn a wide range of skills to problem-solve, develop their functional skills as well as investigate and explore a variety of experiences and activities. 

Within the curriculum area of My Thinking / Functional Living Skills there are three main strands, which are:

Skills to work it out

The aim is for our students to be able to explore and engage with numeracy activities that will allow them to develop a variety of skills to support them to be successful in their adult life. We promote the use of Maths in real-life contexts to make it relevant and purposeful for our students.

Functional skills

In the second strand we look at Functional living skills and supporting students to develop their independence. We aim for them to be able to problem-solve and gain functional skills so that they can be as independent as possible in respect to taking care of themselves at home, in school and the wider community.

Investigating and exploring

Investigating and exploring supports our students to develop a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world. It is important that they learn about the world around them and that they are able to actively explore and investigate the world they live in. 


It is important to us that all of our students have the opportunity to develop the right tools to become as independent and successful as possible in their adult lives, and we hope that having the knowledge and skills taught here will help them to do this. 


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